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On the road with the Portable Penetrator Florida Mustang

Being on the road with the Portable Penetrator.

Wifi Security WPA WPA2 pen testing.

Wifi password recovery when doing wardriving.

Protect yourself from wardriving attackers.

They can easily apply powerful WiFi Antenna example up to 24 dBi power.

By this being miles away when attacking a WiFi Access Point.

Wifi scanning and password finder in a real Ford mustang.

Portable Penetrator software running on a laptop

Works for WIndows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Easily scan and test Wifi access points for vulnerabilities.

Discover if you are vulnerable to WiFi hacking when being mobile driving on the road.

Modern cars today come with build in WiFi access points.

Due to poor security and less amount of updates they can be under risk by remote man in the middle attacks.

Or plain brute force or DoS Denial of Service attacks.

Wardriving WPS Attacks

There can also be installed tracing devices on a car.

It is recommended to audit your car for WiFi access points or remote attackers.



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