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Portable Penetrator Software How to Get online?

Learn how you can connect your Portable Penetrator to the Internet and update to the latest firmware versions.

You can learn how to connect it on Windows 7, Win 8 - 8.1 - 10.0 and Mac OS X.

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There can be different difficulties when running virtual software via another base operating system to get the system online.

There are typically 2 modes you can choose between. It includes NAT and Bridged network setup option.

NAT mode typically works on networks where you cant get a second IP easily. Typically on mobile broadband modems such as 3G, 4G USB adapters.

In that scenario you choose NAT mode in the Penetrator software and click on DHCP to retrieve an IP.

Get online via NAT or Bridged mode

The Bridged mode which is enabled by default will work in most cases and it is recommended to use unless you are forced to NAT mode.

You can choose between the 2 different modes and see which mode works better in your setup. If you need any help to configure it do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Once you apply the NAT or Bridged mode it will affect immediately. You might need to re run DHCP from the system, network interface to get a new IP address.

Once the WiFi Penetrator software gets online it you can see the system status indicator becoming Green.


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