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How to Prepare for upcoming Cyber Pandemic 

Cyber Criminals are upping the game for attacking business, organiation and governments.




  • Learn the Key Benefits how the Penetrator & the Protector can win over the competitors.
  • How the Penetrator can find the key Blind SQLi Vulnerabilities in your customers before they get attacked.
  • How the Protector can help block Malware and Exploits before your customer is getting compromised. And how to easily block off countries with high amount of Cyber Criminal Gangs.
  • It is recommended for the customers to have full Firewall protection with STRONG IPS capability for the upcoming Cyber Pandemic.
  • And perform Pen Testing on the infrastructure with the new Lethal Attack Module in the Penetrator.
  • Easily start invite your customers for Penetrator & Protector webinars to learn about the latest features in Penetrator V50 and Protector V57.


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