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What is the pricing for IT Security Products?

Here you can learn the pricing on the SecPoint Products.

Get the best pricing for UTM Firewall Appliance.

Vulnerability Scanner Pricing.

The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner has a flexible pricing setup so you do not have to pay for the scans you perform but instead you pay for the horse power on how many concurrent scans you can run at the same time.

This allows the user to scan their systems more often without having a too high cost.

It is allowed to change the IP addresses and to queue a large amount of IPs.

Then the concurrent scanning license will process the queue automatically.

Example if you have an 8 IP license and you need to scan 128 IPs it will scan 8 at a time until it reaches 128 IPs.

SSL VPN Pricing.

Wifi Security Password pricing.

The Protector UTM Appliance is only limited to the hardware.
There is no software limitation or user count to locked to.

The user count is only recommended and it will still work with a higher amount but might be slower.

There is no limitation on SSL connections or IP addresses.

Special Security Requirement

If you have a special requirement you can also mail us here to get a quote on your exact need.

UTM Firewall Pricing

Vulnerability Scanning Pricing

Wifi Password Recovery Pricing


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