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Facebook new bug at risk

A new glitch, which jeopardized the users’ privacy, was patched up by the developers of Facebook on Wednesday. The individuals who were not associated with Facebook found out that users may possibly utilize a certain hole that can lead one into viewing the chat messages exchanged between a friend and another user. In response to this safety threat, the social networking website deactivated their live chat function.

Unnecessary distribution of personal information became rampant

According to the founder of this social networking website, their users are already used to giving more personal information compared to that of before. But then, they still needed to do necessary actions after they discovered a hole in which other users can see the pending friend requests of the contacts in their list.
The recent troubles in the user’s privacy are actually rooted to the application that was recently released by Facebook, the “preview my profile” function. This was added during the end of April and it was designed for the purpose of giving the users just the right initiative to manage their own preference regarding the privacy setting.

Remedy should never be delayed

Just after a few hours when the said privacy hole was conveyed to Facebook, the administrators of the social networking service quickly acted on the matter by disabling the chat function. This remained inoperative as the managers did some adjustments in order to control the information leak. And, upon fixing the security threat, Facebook’s chat function was immediately activated.
Criticisms focused mainly on the privacy of users
Facebook received many complaints during the previous month and this center mainly on the lack of powerful security, which endangered the privacy of their 400 million or more users.
Chris Kelly, the former privacy chief of Facebook, also believed this obvious fact. During the previous month, Kelly focused on the recent change in the security policy that allows users to have a view of the personal information of their partners. The former privacy chief said that the Facebook should create a program in which permission from users is required before allowing the distribution of personal data to the third parties.