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What Are the Advantages of Proxy Servers?

To the layman, proxy servers mostly come in the form of free, web-based, and online proxy servers that you can use to hide your IP address in order to be completely anonymous in the Internet.
These (for lack of a better term) "complimentary" servers can also allow people to evade bans from sites, bypass parental control, make blacklisted sites on a given server accessible again since you're using a separate proxy to view them, and so on and so forth.
With that said, there's more to proxies than just IP address hiders that allow people to surf anonymously on the Worldwide Web without being an IT genius of some sort.

Proxy Limits

For the most part, all you need to do is put in your desired website on the bar of the free proxy, and you're free to access it.
These proxies have limits, though.
Some can only handle so much traffic before timing out.
Others block JavaScript and Flash, so region-specific videos in YouTube will remain un viewable because some proxies simply don't support scripts.
Also, proxies provide much more than just anonymity and evading arbitrary hurdles when it comes to accessibility limitations.
A proxy server to those who are more tech-savvy is a system that serves as a middleman between server systems and clients. 

Web User Control

As opposed to associating straightforwardly to a website, gathering, online journal, release board, picture board, visit, and so forth, you'll rather unite through the intermediary server, which will then associate you to your webpage of decision.
The intermediary does this by satisfying customer solicitation with its server framework, along these lines giving you an indirect, backhanded connection to the focused on server framework that you'll likely experience difficulty getting to generally on the off chance that you're IP banned by the website admin or the webpage itself is boycotted by your Internet administration supplier for reasons unknown.
That is the reason its known as an intermediary; rather than you getting to a site or server framework, it will serve as your server framework and serve as your channel to get to the framework you couldn't interface with straightforwardly for reasons unknown.

Proxy Anonymity

You can also use proxies to improve performance and connectivity on top of giving you anonymity.
While some users may be confused by the concept...
because, for the most part, when connecting using a free proxy, it seems that your Internet slows down to a halt or grinds to Nineties-Era dial-up speed...
actual propriety (that is, paid-for) proxies that you input into your system instead of access through your web browser on a site can and will make your connecting go faster through the virtue of caching the websites you're visiting beforehand so that whenever you visit them via proxy, they're immediately delivered because they're pre-stored in a cache. Protector Web Proxy. 

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