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3 Anti Virus Scanning Vendors at the same time for maximum Protection

Get the best possible virus scanning by running Opensource ClamAV, Commercial Bitdefener & Kaspersky at the same time.

You can not be sure to find all Virus, Malware and dangerous content by just relying on one anti virus vendor.

It is always recommended to use at least 2x Anti Virus vendors for scanning to make sure that you have the highest virus and malware catch rate possible for

Scan incoming and outgoing traffic for Virus and dangerous content

You can easily enable up to 3 Anti Virus vendors in the Protector UTM Firewall from the user friendly setup interface.

The virus definition databases are by default updated 4 times a day every 6 hours.

This can be customized to run even every hour or depending on your connection speed set the best interval for your network setup and requirements.

Secure all your incoming and outgoing mails easily with the Protector Firewall.

With minimum of 300 gig hard drive you will be able to store all mails locally for extra protection.

SSD Hard disk option is also available for maximum speed and performance if you have large amount of mails coming in.

Run up to 3 Virus scanners at the same time to have ultimate virus scanning protection.

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