SecPoint Our History

There's no question that hacking poses a threat to your cybersecurity. However, it's not just external forces you have to worry about. Many employees use company infrastructure to conduct personal business — for instance, they might use your company network to send personal emails, Skype, play games or even download illegal copyrighted content. What they don't know, however, is that their actions can leave your company exposed to spyware that can steal sensitive company information.

The good thing, though, is that you can take back control of your network and secure it from these attacks using SecPoint products. At SecPoint, we have one central objective: to protect the privacy of Internet users and prevent your company from being exploited. Read on to gain more insight into our company. 

Our History 

Founded in 1998 by Victor M. Christiansenn, SecPoint is an award-winning, Danish IT security company based in Copenhagen. We specialize in security solutions, which includes:

  • UTM Firewall Technology
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • WiFi Security

SecPoint launched its first-ever product, the SecPoint Penetrator, in 2003. Since then, we've released a slew of high-quality, cybersecurity products designed to keep your network safe from malicious hackers, computer viruses and even employees that might unwittingly download malware.  

Our Growth 

Although the company started as a small outfit in Copenhagen, Denmark, our 180% annual customer growth has compelled us to expand and open new offices in different parts of the world. Currently, we have locations in Denmark, Greece, and Netherlands. We also have hundreds of authorized resellers and distributors around the globe.

Our Promise

You might be thinking — don't all IT companies claim to protect your network security? What makes SecPoint any different? What makes our company unique is the emphasis we place on transparency. 

You might notice that some IT solution companies hoodwink costumers by offering affordable solutions, then bombarding them with costly updates and add-ons. At SecPoint, we believe that honesty is the key to good customer relations. We promote a "No Hidden Cost Policy," which means our solutions don't come with any extra, surprise costs. 

Our Dedication 

The IT industry is a rapidly changing industry, which means new inventions and discoveries are made every day. The same can be said for hackers — cybercriminals are constantly discovering new ways to attack your network. The best way to keep your information safe is by retaining the services of a company that can match those skills. 

At SecPoint Network Security software, we offer all the resources possible to prevent against cybersecurity threats. By updating our database several times a day, we help ensure that no threats sneak past our gallant system protection software. We also carry out firmware updates every month, which helps us stay up to date on the latest features in the IT security field.

Our Simplicity

Our products are designed for the average person — you don't need to be a technology expert to use them. In addition to being easy to use and deploy, most of our software also has no backdoors, which means that all the information will remain on your network.

Our Mission 

At SecPoint, we believe that the internet is a valuable tool for every business. It should be treated with respect, not exploited for personal gain. Thus, our mission is to use our unique skills and technical expertise to help as many businesses as possible. Nobody should be able to access your data without your permission. Over time, we've developed a variety of high-quality security projects designed to aid us on our mission to protect networks.