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» 16 April 2012
SecPoint Weekly IT Security TV Show 16 April 2014

IT Security News 16 April 2012



SecPoint Weekly News 16 April 2012
In this episode covering:

- Flashback Malware Removal Cleverly Reduces Risks for Mac
- Is Java dangerous?
- Apple Releases fix for Flashback possible late?
- New nVidia Extreme GPU Bruteforcer 450 Million passwords/Sec
MySQL, DES, MD4, MD5, MD5 Unix, MD5 phpBB3, MD5 Wordpress , NTLM, Domains Cached Credentials, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384
SHA-512 and many others.
-Homeland Security Hacking into your gaming consoles
- Malware in Angry Birds Space for Android
- Phone based Denial of Service DoS Attack on MI6 Anti Terrorism Agency
- Iran replacing Google,Hotmail with its own internal search engines and email services
- Many Mac Users still running vulnerable Java versions that can allow malware infection
- Critical 0day in WICD used in many popular linux distributions
- Remote Code Execution flaw in Samba used on Linux, Unix
- No Permissions Android Application can Harvest Export device data
- Utah Medicaid Hack now affect Half a million 280.000+ Social Security Numbers Stolen
- Google Chrome SSL Certificate Fix
- Anonymous Great Firewall of China planning Attack
- Anonymous Leaks Tunisia Prime Minister Emails
- Security Specialist Exposes TSA Body Scanners as Giant Fraud
- Anonymous Attacks CHina 480 Websites compromised including Government sites
- Fake Angry Bird apps hide Android rooting malware
- New Android Malware Controlled by SMS can record GPS locations, Calls and steal information
- Google Patches 12 Flaws in Chrome
- Apple flashback trojan hits more than 500.000 Mac compeers
- Danish church Evangalist hacked
- Danish Statsforvaltningen hacked by Anonymous
- Pastebin to Police Hacker Posts 


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