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Security Software also contain Vulnerabilities

Recent report says that a certain security expert asserted that he was able to detect about three coding bugs in the security inspection tool manufactured by Secunia.

Blogger got his own share of the spotlight

Based on Raul Romero’s statement on his blog post, Secunia PSI offers practicality when used because it can scan every program incorporated within a system and tell whether it is updated or not. And, in Romero’s attempt to back up his point, he provided a screenshot of a back view of a woman with a symmetrical body wearing a tracksuit. Additionally, this woman is positioned within the interface of the Secunia PSI.

Bugs were verified to be pretty nasty

As written on his blog, he stated that he discovered the presence of a bug lurking within PSI’s interface and it operates by permitting insertion of any kinds of codes into it.

In addition to this, he also included in his write-up that the second bug lets interpretation of a set of cookies.

On the other hand, the third bug that Romero found out has not yet been broadcasted during the time when he was creating his blog post.

Representatives proved him wrong

According to Thomas Kristensen, the chief Security officer of Secunia, Raul Romero was not able to show how exactly their security product fall short.

He did not even succeed in revealing any threats using his own technology.

Kristensen also added that he did not find any evidence of the security threat on his blog post and that all the information he offered were indistinct.

He also explained that even if there was a problem then it can only be called a bug and not a serious vulnerability. This is due to the reason that only the user can do insertion of images and scripts as part of its own profile.

So as to reassure the users of their product, the chief security officer stated that Secunia always sees to it that every security issue is being handled critically.

Until now, the three bugs found on the Secunia PSI were not yet verified whether they were actually present and harmful.

However, it is true that, occasionally, even security programs are vulnerable to coding errors.