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So its not separate products for each?

Depending on the IT Security requirements for your site there are different products for each need.

Complete WiFi Access Point Protection

If you need to secure your WiFi Access Points and make them hacker proof it is recommended to explore the Portable Penetrator Wifi pen Testing software.

That can allow you to perform real penetration testing on your Access Points to hack in to them if they are vulnerable and secure them in the strongest way.

Complete Network Protection

If you need to protect your perimeter from remote attacks it is recommended to deploy an UTM Firewall.

The Protector Appliance comes with full UTM Firewall VPN capabilities and is easy to deploy on your network.

Secure your Local and Public IPs with Vulnerability Assessment

Scan your site both locally and public to find vulnerabilities across your network.

The Penetrator Vulnerability scanner gives you capability to perform scanning over your networks with more than 9 different scanning profiles.

Take advantage of the easy interface and run it as a software on your laptop or on a fully loaded plug and play appliance.

Scan your Website for Vulnerabilities

The Cloud Penetrator Web Security scanner allows you to scan your website for vulnerabilities.

Setup automatic schedule and get notified once new vulnerabilities are discovered on your site.

It is recommended to scan your site at least once a week for vulnerabilities.

The one I downloaded does it ALL?

Is the Protector, Portable Penetrator and the Penetrator the same product?

The Protector is an UTM Appliance with Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Web Filter

Easy to operate and install central management via web interface.

Intrusion Prevention, Content Filter, Wifi Defender

The Penetrator is a Vulnerability Scanning Appliance with real exploits.

The Portable Penetrator is the same as the Penetrator but also adds wifi WEP, WPA, WPA2 cracking.

So it is 3 different products.

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