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SecPoint is an internationally acclaimed and distinguished information technology (IT) security solutions provider. It's dedicated in maintaining the security of an IT-based or IT-using corporation's assets, customers, customers' assets, profits, and digital resources from the dangers inherent within the worldwide web.

More to the point, SecPoint provides products, services, and appliances that shield companies from issues such as social engineering, botnets, spyware, worm infections, phishing scams, viruses, hacker attacks, vulnerability exploits, cyber invasions, and so forth.

Premium-Grade IT Security SecPoint Solutions

The variety of SecPoint Solutions—which ranges from hardware and software of the anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-virus, penetration testing, and content filtering variety—available ensures that your company is protected from all the dangers posed by the information superhighway. For more than ten years, SecPoint has provided all the solutions to an industry's growing virtual security problems, so clients, customers, and partners are assured of seasoned experience. At any rate, here are some of its premium-grade products.

SecPoint Protector: The SecPoint Protector is one of SecPoint's premier products. It's the standard bearer IT security appliance most associated with the company. It's a reliable piece of hardware that's specifically developed to manage and handle corporate-level networks and systems.

One other thing that sets the appliance apart from its hardware- or software-based competitors is the fact that it can do its job on both application- and online-based email systems, so there's added flexibility in your IT protection when you avail of this product.

The bottom line here is that the Protector shields your email from online-based dangers such as viruses, worms, and spam in just five minutes of configuration guaranteed.

SecPoint Penetrator:
The SecPoint Penetrator approaches IT security in another avenue; it simulates what hackers could and would do to your network or system in order to expose its vulnerabilities and bugs.

This well-known and prominent penetration testing and evaluating device serves as your own personal white hat hacker that pinpoints all the possible avenues of cyber attack by the most skilled crackers around.

By having this fully loaded pen-testing appliance around, you'll be able to keep yourself up-to-date in how protected or vulnerable your system is. In turn, this awareness will compel you or your network administrators to address these weaknesses and code flaws before it's too late.

SecPoint Portable Penetrator:
The SecPoint Portable Penetrator works just like the Penetrator, except this time it's specifically developed to penetrate through wireless technology, which is arguably one of those most vulnerable avenues of attack by hackers and crackers everywhere.

This mobile-version of the award-winning Penetrator does everything its counterpart does in terms of exposing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your WiFi network or other wireless facilities. Arguably, it's the perfect wireless technology vulnerability assessor of its kind.

At any rate, feel free to browse around the site to learn more about the Protector, the Penetrator, and the Portable Penetrator. Furthermore, you can also click below to learn more about the solutions to the following common security issues.

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