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SecPoint Technology Papers

Learn more about Different IT Security Technologies.

This can help you to secure your local network and perimeter.

You can learn about P2P, Phishing, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Anti VoIP,IPS, UTM, Vulnerability Scanning

And more.



What is Anti-Instant Message - Instant Message Recording?
What is Anti-P2P?
What is Anti-Phishing?
What is Anti-Spam?
What is Anti-Spyware?
What is Anti-Virus?
What is Anti-VoIP?
What is Content-Filter?
What is Intrusion Prevention?
What is Unified Threat Management?
What is Zero Day?

What is a Bayesian Filter?



What does it mean to Launch Real Exploits?
What is Vulnerability Assessment?
What is Vulnerability Scanning?

What is (XSS)?


Appliance vs Software

Appliance vs Software?

What is RoHS Weee?



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