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The latest hacking attack of Anonymous

As part of the group’s  attack scheme known as “Operation Israel (#OpIsrael)”,   the said controversial and notorious group dumped around 600,000 e-mails and passwords on the web portal  of 95 Pastebin posts.  

Such email addresses and passwords were taken from “Walla”.  

Walla is clearly the most popular websites in Israel. Such website offers information like the current events.

It also has email services and search system.

Anonymous hackers attack Israeli Military

Anonymous Hackers refers to the loose organization of hacktivists .

This organization hacks websites and networks as their means of expressing their political statements.

Recently, this group launched numerous hacking attempts  against Israel when it started attacking areas in the Gaza Strip last December, 2012.

Among the controversial attacks that were launched  against Israel  last year were the taking down  and hacking of the websites of popular political figures like the Israeli military spokesperson and the Israeli Vice Prime Minister’s site.

The most recent attack happened yesterday (February 18).

Such attack was confirmed to have been done by the Anonymous Hackers.

The bulk of email addresses and passwords where divided into 33 groups and the first group was seen in the PwnedList.

This is quite ironic because PwnedList business  has something to do with helping people who had their computers hacked and money stolen.

Anonymous hacking for families in Gaza

According to the statements released by the Anonymous Hackers, they are doing this in order to help those families in Gaza and those  who are suffering from the execution of Israel’s foreign policy over it.

The exact words used by the organization are: 

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