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Email Privacy Might now be achievable

Encryption at present is free of charge for 22 years running (that is, since 1991) thanks to the efforts of the PGP crew (which includes luminaries like Jon Callas and Phil Zimmerman). 22 years later, and the same revolutionaries... while backed by the US Navy SEALs, of all people... will now improve upon the advancements that helped shape the Internet and made it safe enough to use even before it became popular enough to spread the globe and be available on every home instead of just corporations and government installations.

They'll specifically be tackling a privacy concern and in the course of the next few weeks, they may end up with the safest and most private electronic mailing system ever devised by man. 

The $20-per-month package of the email known

As Silent Circle came out of the woodwork back in June 2012.

It offers video, text, and voice services that are encrypted through software on the account holder's cellular phone, desktop, laptop, palmtop, or tablet.  

Users will have to download the app, while the traffic required to make it available for the masses will be handled by the group's own local servers. At any rate, the encryption keys developed by the application are "slurp"-free because they're immediately discarded and renewed after the message has been sent.

An extra layer of protection then comes in the form of anti-wiretapping tech.  

The firm's Canadian, Swiss, and upcoming Asian (the exact location is to be decided) servers helps in that regard.

The company's encryption email system has been developed thanks to over decades of encryption research and experience.

Private communications are important for government installations, so it makes sense that the Navy SEALs and the U.S. government would have a vested interest in further developing the technology to the point that it will soon be the new standard of encryption for the masses.

For anyone who truly desires that their correspondences be made private, this new innovation and system may truly be their best bet to total email security.

In light of who's manning the project, there's no particular reason why anyone would think it would fail.

In short, the whole development process is in good, capable hands, and its success is all but assured.

Then again, taking a look back at history, Zimmerman's "Pretty Good Privacy" resulted in a US government investigation once the code for it spread about (there were no charges brought down on Zimmerman, though).

This happened about 20 years ago, in 1993.

It was a time when security wasn't an issue yet when email was created, so PGP became a pioneering group that addressed an upcoming need before it even came to light.


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