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UTM Firewall Information

The term UTM is short for 'unified threat management'.

Basically, prior to 2004, the firewall of a computer was tasked with just one program; to destroy any incoming advances of malware or other programs that are likely to be potentially harmful to the computers.

However, that changed in 2004 when companies began developing firewalls that came equipped with an array of different kinds of programs in order to expand their usage.


At present, the term 'UTM firewall' is used to describe a robust network defense solution which is often employed by organizations all over the globe.

Simply put, the UTM firewall is a combination of different programs that are all built in to one in order to create a security module that provides protection all of the different threats that a company might face.


UTM Protection

For instance, a UTM firewall might protect you with the following levels of protection: network intrusion prevention and the implementation of a gateway antivirus, as well as the standard network firewall to prevent incoming connections.

It also provides a virtual private network for the company to make sure that it is capable of operating smoothly with minimal hitches.

UTM firewalls also include anti spam modules that are designed to filter out all different kinds of spam from the internet, while they also come pre- installed with other apps such as load balancing, prevention of data leaks gateway anti spamming as well as an on- appliance reporting module that allows the UTM firewall to provide clear updates and reports.

UTM Firewalls

Back in 2007, the overall market for UTM firewalls was estimated to be valued at around $1.2 billion.

It was expected that there is likely to be an expected growth (compounded) of anywhere between thirty to forty percent up till 2011. however, at present, the market stands at more than $2.5 billion, which just goes on to show the sudden tech boom that has taken place all over the globe.

The industry is really going places, and with so many new and distinctive companies opening up, these companies are regularly employing UTM firewalls in order to prevent their trade secrets from getting leaked out.

IDC Market Research 

For those who do not know, the market research firm IDC was the first firm to actually refer to such firewalls as 'Unified Threat Management Firewalls'.

As is obvious, the name stuck and at present, it is used all over the tech industry.

Companies and officials that are looking to maximize their interest in the networking world will generally want to install a strong UTM Firewall in order to make sure that their data remains protected and that harmful worms and viruses do not infect their system that easily.

Usually, UTM firewalls are provided and created by individual companies, depending upon the level of security that is required.

However, companies can decide to create customized firewalls for themselves in order to make sure that they get the protection that is tailored just according to their needs, ensuring maximum safety in the long run. 

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