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DoS Attack at VeriSign

According to a report issued by the famous company on web authentication, VeriSign, there is an increase in the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as of the present.

In this technical piece of writing, the web authentication service gave out common means of protecting a system from these threats.

The article was entitled, DDoS Mitigation, and this is created in a way that it can direct different agencies on the topic of the internet security.

Based on the observations of VeriSign, the safety within the internet community underwent many kinds of transformation all throughout the previous year.

Rise in the number of DDoS cases is apparent

As said by the chief technology officer of VeriSign, Ken Silva, there is an evident rise in the number of web attacks especially the DDoS threat.

The attacks made by the online crooks are becoming more intricate during the past few months.

And, management is still difficult even if these computer-threatening events occur more often.

Silva added that the white paper they release will serve as a plan for the various groups, which aspire to be updated regarding this highly-developing online risk to network reliability, sources of income, processes, and loyalty of the consumers.

Forrester, an analyst firm, conducted a survey and the results present that less than three-fourths of IT authorities had systems, which came across with the distributed denial-of-service attacks during the previous year.

VeriSign also mentioned in their report the findings of Forrester that one-third of the respondents experienced a disruption of service.

Botnets are already being traded in the market

VeriSign explained to the users that the online criminals learned so much during the past 12 months. Thus, these individuals are capable of developing attack bots that act in a similar way as a genuine traffic.

In addition, the botnets are already circulating within the market with a price of 200 US dollars (£132) per day.

With this, even the amateur users are capable of carrying out successful web attacks.

Other things included in the report are the most effective practices for the agencies who want to protect their businesses now that there is an increase in the DDoS attacks.

Based on this report, the companies should merge their data gathering system because this is the only deemed effective way of detecting any interference in the normal traffic.