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How to secure your network with Vulnerability Assessment

Can the Penetrator do vulnerability assessment?

Yes it does full vulnerability assessment.

Security Scanning your network

Find out how many security holes you have.

You can do full vulnerability scanning, vulnerability scan schedule and scan with several profiles.

The extended reporting comes in PDF, XML, HTML formats with full information.

Vulnerability Scanner

wifi cracking

A complete guide to vulnerability assessment

For those who are running a network or those who have to supervise the networks in their companies, it is vitally important that they carry out a thorough vulnerability assessment.

A vulnerability assessment is basically a process by which network managers are able to not only recognize, but also quantify and then rank the different vulnerabilities that might exist in a system.

Using the vulnerability assessment technique is vitally important for those who are looking to make sure that their networks remain protected, because depending upon the vulnerabilities that might exist in the system, anybody could gain access to the system.

That is the reason why making use of a proper vulnerability assessment technique is so important.

How to carry out vulnerability assessment

In order to carry out a vulnerability assessment, there are a number of important things that you need to keep in mind.

First of all, it is important to make sure that you find the right people to work with.

Remember, vulnerability scanning is carried out from the very basic problems to the most major problems that might arise, and then a quantification process is carried out after which a ranking is created.

The vulnerabilities are ranked accordingly in order to make sure that the most pressing ones are resolved first.

Vulnerability assessment is usually carried out by large scale networks and companies, but if you want, you can also create a vulnerability assessment for virtually every other system.

Be it sales management, enterprise resource planning or any other thing, creating a vulnerability assessment is possible.

Assessing the vulnerabilities

>When it comes to assessing the vulnerabilities within a network, a number of things have to be checked.

That is the reason why the job is usually done by third party companies that have dedicated workers.

There are professional companies that are able to provide vulnerability assessment for other companies.

These firms generally have a number of different vulnerability assessors, that are designed to work accordingly in order to find out as many issues as possible from a system.

These companies, after carrying out a vulnerability assessment usually create a vulnerability report.

The vulnerability report is then submitted to the client, who then decides on how to deal with the threats.

How to take carefully

In this day and age where vulnerabilities in a system can be severely punished, it is of vital importance to ensure that you carry out a vulnerability assessment as often as possible.

Most people are of the belief that vulnerability assessment should only be carried out once every few years, but that is just not rue.

A vulnerability assessment should be carried out as often as possible, because you never know when the latest viruses or hacking programs are released and put to use.

Anybody who is able to gain access to your network will be able to gain access to all of the files that are secured on your server, which means that they will be able to manipulate them as per their will.

Also, an important thing to know about vulnerability assessment is that once it is done, you need to work in order to make sure that the vulnerabilities are covered up accordingly.

Consult with a security company in order to find out the different ways by which you can reinforce the security on the website and make sure that you work it out.  

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability management is the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, patching-up and diminishing vulnerabilities.

This practice commonly refers to vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks.

Weakness appraisal is the procedure of distinguishing, evaluating, and organizing (or positioning) the vulnerabilities in a framework.

Helplessness from the viewpoint of fiasco administration means surveying the dangers from potential perils to the base.

Appraisals are typically performed presenting to the accompanying steps: 

Cataloging resources and capacities (assets) in a framework.

Assigning quantifiable quality (or possibly rank) and significance to those assets

Classifying the vulnerabilities or potential dangers to every asset

Eliminating or diminishing the gravest vulnerabilities for the most extreme importan


Vulnerabilities can be because of:


Vulnerability to moistness

Vulnerability to tidy

Vulnerability to dirtying

Vulnerability to unprotected stockpiling


Deficient testing

Absence of review trail


Unprotected correspondence lines

Frail system structural engineering


Deficient enlisting procedure

Deficient security mindfulness


Territory subject to surge

Inconsistent force source


Absence of general reviews

Absence of progression arrangements

Absence of security

It is prominent that a wholesome specialized methodology can't likewise ensure physical resources: one ought to have authoritative method to let upkeep workers to enter the offices and individuals with sufficient learning of the strategies, persuaded to tail it with legitimate consideration.

Four examples of powerlessness exercises:

1.    An assailant discovers and uses a flood shortcoming to introduce malware to fare delicate information;

2.    An aggressor persuades a client to open an email message with connected malware;

3.    An insider duplicates a toughened, encoded system onto a glimmer drive and splits it at home;

4.    A surge harms one's PC frameworks introduced at ground floor.

More Possible Causes:

Unpredictability: Large, multifaceted frameworks reproduce the likelihood of blemishes and unintended access focuses.

Integration: More physical associations, benefits, docks, conventions and administrations and period each of those are available expand defenselessness.

Secret key organization defects: The PC client utilizes powerless passwords that could be found by beast quality.

The PC client spares the watchword on the framework where a system can achieve it.

Major working framework outline imperfections: The working framework planner decides to uphold merciful strategies on client/program administration.

This working framework blemish permits infections and malware to execute summons for the benefit of the executive.

Web Websites Surfing: Some open sites may contain undermining Spyware or Adware that can be introduced consequently on the PC frameworks.

Programming bugs: The PC software engineer leaves an artless bug in a product program.

Unchecked client enter: The project expect that all client info is safe.

The examination has demonstrated that the most helpless point in most data frameworks is the client, laborer, fashioner, or whatever other human included: so people ought to be considered in their distinctive parts as resources, dangers or powerless assets.

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