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Vulnerability Management Helpdesk Ticket System 

How can you easily manage identified vulnerabilities with the Helpdesk System?

When conducting vulnerability assessment and vulnerability scanning across large networks finding 100 even 1000 of vulnerabilities.

It can be helpful for the manager to be able to categorize vulnerabilities in different risk level and keep track due date on when given high risk vulnerabilities should be resolved.

The integrated easy to use Helpdesk system on the Penetrator vulnerability scanner software gives the option to utilize different persons responsible for tickets.

Automatic closing of tickets once the vulnerabilities have been resolved make the management more time effective for the admin user.

It is possible after the vulnerabilities have been fixed and patches to easily rescan the target local or public IP for the same vulnerabilities again.

If the vulnerabilities where successfully patches and resolved on the target system the Ticket system can automatically close the tickets with the earlier identified vulnerabilities that are now resolved.

If the user patches the vulnerabilities but it did not close the vulnerability or the patch was malfunctioning it can be discovered by the vulnerability scanner system.

It can also be set up to automatically add new identified vulnerabilities to live tickets.

This allows the system administrator manager to easily follow up which vulnerabilities to take care of the fastest.

It is recommended to prioritize vulnerabilities by category.

To first manage the High risk vulnerabilities first and get those patches and resolved.

Then afterwards focus on medium and lower risk vulnerabilities.

Create Tickets for identified vulnerabilities

In order to easily get them resolved.

Easily assign specific personnel.

Get notified when the ticket is reaching the due date

More information below in the Helpdesk Vulnerability Scanning Document.

Click to download the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Helpdesk Document