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Vulnerability Scanner Multiple Language Reporting

English, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Thai & Croatian

The newly introduced Penetrator 28.5 Software Vulnerability Scanner version is released.

It includes functionality for new languages supported in the reporting.

In the HD video below you can watch easily how to change the report language.

The new multiple language support is both for the full consulting reporting and for the executive summary report.

The reports are automatically generated as PDF

It is not required to rescan the the IP addresses in order to get the new language in the reports.

Once you change the languages you can easily generate the existing reports in a new language after your wish.

You can upgrade your existing software or hardware appliance of the Penetrator to the new version 28.5 firmware series.

It is safe to upgrade a live system and there is no reboot required.

To upgrade to the new firmware you will receive an automatic upgrade notification in the interface.

You can click the link for the automatic upgrade.

The upgrade process typically takes anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour depending on the connection and system speed used in the upgrade.

The new 28.5 firmware version includes more than 45 features, bug fixes and updates.

For the full list of new features and bug fixes in the Vulnerability Scanner version please click the Penetrator Version here.

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