Warez Market Rivalry increasing

A blog post made by a hacker claimed that he was able to acquire sensitive data from the forum of myGully.com.

The miscreant, who went with the alias of PöserHäcker, asserts that he was able to collect data from 770,000 users registered on the aforementioned forum.

A short extract of this information has been verified true by members of the said forum.

Warez Hacker groups fighting for fame

With the stolen data being used as leverage, the unknown hacker threatened to divulge sensitive data in six weeks if his demands are not met.

The hacker coaxed users to remove copyrighted material they were sharing in the forum to keep their information safe.

The hacker also alleges that myGully.com stored the IP addresses of its users and censored them. He expressed his dislike of the website and its staff and even prodded the administrators to resign.

Alas, the antics of the hacker were put up short.

Another blogger claimed that this attack was planned by a rival warez forum “boerse.bz”. 

The said blogger threatened to publish the information of the 700,000 people in the rival forum.

He backed this up by publishing private data of the operators of the rival forum.

It looks like a compromise was struck as the hacker that instigated this very short stunt posted that he has informed myGully.com about the vulnerability that was exploited and that he would keep the data he collected to himself.

Although it has not yet been verified whether this was posted by the same hacker, it looks like the peace has been restored between the rival Warez forums.

Hackers hack each others websites

It is rather frightening how easily hackers easily hack each other’s website information.

They will most likely fortify their positions to prevent security slipups such as what happened recently.

It could not be verified if any users from myGully.com actually took up the reported hacker’s threats.

We will never know as this information war ended a bit too soon than everyone expected.