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In companies and larger organizations, the need to protect information is very high.

Companies make use of a variety of different vulnerability management tools as well as a host of other security programs in order to make sure that they are able to keep themselves protected from viruses and other problems at all times.

However, given the vastness of the world wide web, it is not always true that their plan can become a success.

Most of the times, the websites we visit are usually infected with malware, hence allowing it to enter your computer while you are browsing on the website.

However, there are certain ways by which this can be fixed, one of them is to make use of a web filter.  

What is a web filter?

Basically, a web filter is a program that is created in order to first check whether the website that is incoming should be displayed to the user in full or whether only a partial picture should appear.

The web filter generally makes its decisions based upon the information provided by the company itself; the company decides certain parameters such as the origin of the web page, etc.

in order to prevent it from showing.

For example, in a company, visiting pornographic pages might be strictly prohibited.

However, for that matter, companies might try to create carefully designed web filters which will automatically detect the nature of an incoming web page, automatically preventing it from loading upon the computer.

Other times, companies also prevent access to social media networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter during working hours.

How to install a web filter

Actually, installing a web filter is quite an easy thing to do.

All you have to do is to make sure that you first get your hands on a good web filter, configure it properly and allow it to cover the intranet of your company.

Or, in smaller scale companies, individuals might have to carefully install the web filter products on each individual computer.

Usually, it is common knowledge that common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and others are quite easily accessible, whereas open source operating systems such as Linux and others remain protected for far longer.

As a result, depending upon the type of system that you are using as well as the web pages that you tend to open, the web filter can do its job accordingly.

Other uses for web filtering

One of the most common kinds of uses of a web filter is to monitor the pages that are being opened by an individual.

Companies generally want to keep track of the websites that are being opened by their employees in order to remain in the loop, and as a result, the company might check out the privacy settings in order to determine whether your security is at risk or not.

Currently web filters play a major part in companies all over the world, and help to make sure that a decorum exists within the office environment.


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