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Web Filter

Thanks to the UTM (Unified Threat Management) offerings of the SecPoint Protector, you can get to enjoy features such as Web Filtering, Web Proxy, and much more.

The Smart Web Filter can do deep scanning of both incoming and outgoing webpage information.

It can determine if a site should be blocked or not even if it is not in the blacklist depending on the input and configurations indicated by the user (e.g., all sites containing pornography should be banned).

This way, you can get the best protection possible without having to manually sift through site after site and content after content.

The SecPoint Protector is a cost-effective system with all modules included in its affordably priced package.

Furthermore, the SecPoint Protector's web filtering capabilities

Iis designed for business of all shapes and sizes.

What this means is that as a business owner, you're likelier to end up with a more productive workforce that doesn't abuse your Internet connectivity for frivolous or even downright malicious acts.

That's what a web filter is for; it ensures that your employees aren't wasting their time on Facebook or Twitter as well as using the office Internet connection to do their shopping, visit adult sites, or even gamble.

Your workplace's online capabilities should be reserved for work-related activities since that's what it was established for in the first place.

Obviously, you want your workers to work, not play games. 

The SecPoint Protector Smart Web Filter

Is also capable of keeping you from visiting spam sites and other places on the Worldwide Web that could install nasty malware or hijacking programs into your workstation PC.

Thus compromising office network security and the health of individual computers alike.

The SecPoint web filter as offered by its UTM appliance the Protector will ensure you won't ever have to worry about your employees downloading pornography or wasting valuable office resources for their own leisure.

Your networks and servers are also safe from the threat of viruses, worms, botnets, adware, spyware, browser hijackers, Trojans, and other dangerous malware since every result is filtered and every visit is monitored.



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