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Web Vulnerability Scanner - What you should know

If you have a network in your office, it is vitally important that you learn how to secure it.

Be it a company, a small sized office or a large scale organization, knowing how to provide adequate protection is vitally important.

When you consider the sheer number of threats that a person can face from the internet world, it becomes more and more important to root out all vulnerabilities and protect your network as much as you can.

However, you might not know the sheer number of vulnerabilities that exist in your system, which is why it is so important to make use of a vulnerability scanner.

A vulnerability scanner is a computer program that is based on the internet, and provides you with maximum information regarding how to manage your network properly.

Importance of a web vulnerability scanner

A web vulnerability scanner is an important tool nonetheless, and is designed primarily for people who are interested in saving their computers and networks from large scale damage.

The good thing about using a web vulnerability scanner is basically the fact that it is quite easy to use.

Be it a paid program that you have downloaded to use on your network or a free one, installation and setup come with a graphical user interface which makes it tremendously easy for the people to get the job done.

Once the program is installed, all you have to do is to run it and it will give you a list of its findings, regarding all of the different vulnerabilities that exist in your network/ system.

Important information about scanners

Using a web vulnerability scanner is a good idea for people who do not wish to spend a great deal of money on their networks.

There are several web vulnerability scanners that do not even require a full scale install, which means that you can get done with the whole process without having to use up any extra space.

The simplicity of use that comes with these programs make them extremely efficient for use in small scale networks.

However, when you compare the pros and cons with professionally designed web programs.

You will realize that the whole scenario is very different.  

Database of a web vulnerability scanner

Web vulnerability scanners usually have a very limited database, and as a result, they won't be able to point you to all of the different anomalies that might exist, but will go undetected.

As a result, you can't be sure that the findings put forth by the web vulnerability scanner are the final word or not.

There are full scale companies that offer vulnerability scanning services, which just gives you an idea of the scope of the whole project.

Hence, even though web vulnerability scanners can be used to shore up the bases from a very simplistic point of view.

You will still require a full scale vulnerability scan if you wish to make your network completely foolproof.

However, for people who want to remove vulnerabilities in a remote.

Home built network, using a web vulnerability scanner is a great idea to say the least.

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