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What are Server Misconfiguration and Predictable Pages? 

As what has been observed by some of the security experts, the predictable pages contain some kind of a set of repetition within its system.

However, this type of attack corresponds to only one kind of security hole and this is closely connected with application resources that are deemed susceptible to assaults.

Attackers are very creative and can often guess old temporary files left behind that can contain sensitive information.

Often attackers can also predict the path to administration interfaces for the CMS, SQL backend.

It is recommended to often scan sites to ensure that no default files are forgotten and left behind on the target systems.

Private Picture

Predictable pages attack involves the capability of a vicious crook to gain access into a resource including the session cooking, the private picture, and the system call.

And, this assault entails the simple task of presuming the specific identifier that has been utilized when determining an object.

Control Mechanism

According to the studies, which were previously conducted by several security specialists, a certain website is considered to be highly vulnerable to this kind of malicious scheme when the form of authorization used in accessing a resource depends on the idea that the object is present in the field instead of confirming the action of an individual in opposition to the access control mechanism.

Configuration Files

On the other hand, attacks through server misconfiguration show an abuse on the weak points of the settings of a server.

The flaws on the configuration in web servers as well as application servers are the main targets of the criminals launching this type of attack.

A number of default and sample documents are present in several servers and these are regarded to be unnecessary.

Examples of these are the scripts, web pages, applications, as well as configuration files.

Aside from the default files in the servers, some of the services that are activated were also considered to be useless.

These services include the following: the remote administration functionality and the content management.

Authentication Methods

During the researches of the experts, there are activated debugging and administrative utilities in some servers that were also found to be available for the manipulation of unauthorized individuals.

This will, then, serve as a gateway for the vicious criminals and this provide them a way around the authentication methods.

Hence, they will easily obtain the chance to get through the specific place where the confidential data are being kept.

Scan with the Penetrator and find out if you are at risk.

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