Best Cyber Security

Protect your Website from Security Attacks

Securing your website against malware and spyware is of the utmost importance.

For any person whose running a website, it is vitally important to make sure that they are able to properly secure their website against all incoming threats or viruses.

Even if a single malware is able to pass through the website's firewall undetected, it could cause major damage to the website.

For instance, Google might detect the website's malware and its compromising situation might mean that Google would remove the website from its search index, and the website will also lose its page ranking.

As a result, people who search for the website will no longer be able to view it in Google's search indexes.

This is a major damage to the website's reputation, as most of the websites generally thrive upon the traffic that they receive.

Hackers don't usually leave traces of their unauthorized access, but instead cause widespread damage by acquiring information and data that can be quite compromising in nature.

As a result of this, securing your website is vitally important.

However, there are a number of different weaknesses that are present in website security modules as well. Here are a few:

Easy to predict

Most of the companies that provide services regarding website security only use a set of security measures over and over again.

For instance, the same security measure is used on a simple file uploading website that is also used on a photo blogging website.

This means that hackers are able to quickly understand and figure out that both security systems are of the same nature, which ultimately allows them to bypass the security quite easily.

In a gist, most of the security systems that are used are usually quite predictable, allowing a hacker to gain access quite easily.

Lack of information

Every day, new and improved viruses and Trojans are entering the market.

Hackers are creating ingenious ways of gaining access without letting anybody find out.

On the other hand, companies that provide website security services don't exactly employ former hackers.

Because of that, the information regarding the latest threats and viruses that is available to companies is only restricted to the number of viruses, worms and Trojans that have been actually caught.

Those that are still in development or are running silently are still undetected, and as a result, cannot be protected.


Most website security services provide single layer security

Cross site scripting and other web security modules must work in tandem in order to make sure that a website is properly secured.

However, the fact is that most of the companies that provide website security don't exactly do that.

They just use single layer security and get done with it, which makes it very easy for a person to bypass security.

All they need is to circumvent that one single layer and they are inside the website's database.

These are some of the most common weaknesses associated with website security.