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What is a Password?

Security has always been an important detail among every aspects of both the real and the virtual issues of today’s time.

And, one of the widely-known form of security system since the past couple of years is the utilization of a password.

Password may be just a single secret word

Or series alphanumeric characters that are utilized in the process of authentication.

In order for one to have an access into a certain resource, the individual must first prove his or her identity and this may be done by inputting the right password that will match what was primarily assigned to an account.

The number one rule that a person should always remember about passwords is to keep the secret code unknown to any person who are not authorized to gain access into an account.

Although utilization of password

Is still used by many today, this can still be considered as a very old security tactic. During the ancient era, the Sentries would bring up a test for those individuals or group who desire to gain entry into an area and this trial involves providing the correct password or the so-called “watchword”.

Giving the right secret code will allow the participants to enter the point of access into the place.

The use of secret codes is also applied in the present period of time and this comes in the form of usernames paired up with corresponding passwords.

Both the usernames and passwords are inputted into a log-in box during the course of accessing a protected account.

Usernames and passwords are very much useful since it limits unnecessary entrance into various systems and devices such as: mobile phones, cable television decoders, protected computer OS, automated teller machines or ATMs, and the likes.

Users of computers may use the password for various reasons and these include the following: recovering e-mail from different servers, logging in to password-protected computer accounts, accessing programs, networks, websites, and programs.

As funny as it may sound, one may also use passwords in order to get the chance to read a morning newspaper via online sources.

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