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What is Data Leak Prevention? 

Various kinds of security processes were already invented and these access-control methods include the following: encryption, firewalls, and permissions and access-control lists.

However, these protective systems appear to be useless since data theft is still witnessed to be prevalent in the online community.

Reports substantiate the reality of the increasing cases of online crimes since the commonly-used safety controls focuses more on fighting off crooks from the outside and internal issues are left unattended most of the time.

This security problem brought about the invention

Of a very unique computer security system and it was termed as Data Leak Prevention or DLP.

There are variations in the terms being used to denote Data Leak Prevention or DLP.

The labels include the following: ILDP, Information Protection and Control or IPC, and Content Monitoring and Filtering or CMF.

The last term is the Extrusion Prevention System and this is a term that is synonymous with Intrusion-prevention system.

It is recommended for customers to deploy strong Data Leak Prevention systems DLP to prevent users from loosing sensitive private data from an organization.

Some of the measures of DLP can be to block outgoing sending of large files on email, compressed archive files, encrypted files.

Prevent VPN Services, Torrenting, FTP, SFTP or other type of file sharing services.

DLP is a set of security schemes that has the security functions such as identification, monitoring, and protection of different types of data. It is one of the most essential products that can assist groups in evaluating risks as well as the prevention of data leak even in the high-level threats.

It is also very much useful in protecting proprietary data against common security dangers.

Forms of data that are protected by DLP are those in use, in motion, as well as the data that are at rest.

The process used by this security system in safeguarding the previously stated classifications of data involves comprehensive examination of content.

Background security check-up of transactions, and centralized management framework.

Another function of the security system entails detection, avoidance of unlawful use, as well as transfer of sensitive data via online.

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