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What is Denial of Service Attack?

Denial-of-service attack or DoS attack is a process wherein a computer resource becomes inaccessible to the users to which it is originally created for.

This is also sometimes referred to as the distributed denial-of-service attack or a DDoS attack.

This name is mostly used in the field that involves computer networks.

However, contrary to popular belief, this form of attack is also performed on the area of CPU resource management.

DoS attacks

Based on reports on IT security, there are various processes involving DoS as well as purposes and targets of the attacks.

In addition, the denial-of-service attack may only be carried out if the effort of an individual or a group is very much intensive.

They should work very hard so as to obtain their goal, which is to hinder websites and services from working successfully for some moments or for an indefinite period time.

The usual target websites or services of the individuals who initiate DoS attacks are those that are supported by prestigious web servers including the banks, root nameservers, and credit card payment entries.

Genuine Traffic Flood

There is an assortment of procedures as to how denial-of-service attacks are initiated by the criminals.

One of which is the saturation of the machine of the target using an external communications requests.

In this way, the machine is prevented from reacting to a genuine traffic.

Otherwise, the computer will respond at a snail’s pace, which makes it appear to be inaccessible.

Denial-of-service attacks are executed through two general techniques and one is by making the target reset itself.

Another method is by using up all the machine’s resources because in this way, the computer can no longer offer its service.

This is also the technique that can impede the channels of communication among the users and the targets.

Thus, this can cut off the communication between the two parties.

Attackers launching big DoS Attacks

Criminal hacker gangs can easily deploy large Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks if they want to take down a specific target.

It can be a competitor to a web shop that hire a hacker gang to take down rival sites during key sales seasons such as holidays Christmas.

When the competitor sites are easily wiped off the Internet during key holiday season it can harm their sales in a big way.

The competitor can now gain their positions in the search engines and many times double their sales.

They can also decide how long time the Denial of Service Attacks should continue from a few hours to a few days or even weeks.

It is very hard for the web shops to defend from large Denial of Service attacks if they are coming from 100s of thousands of IP addresses.

This makes it difficult to block every single c class to prevent the attacks.

And once the legitimate web shop blocks the IP addresses the attacker can simple do new attacks from brand new IP addresses easily.

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