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What is High Availability?

High Availability short HA is the setup and availability of resources in a network computer system in the case of component or data failures.


The benefit of HA is achieved in different ways just as network failover via network hardware connection and via software failover.

HA Products

The SecPoint® Protector ( comes fully loaded with high availability features.

This allows the customer to connect an unlimited amount of Protector units together for full redundancy.


As more mission-basic applications proceed onward to the Internet, giving profoundly accessible administrations turns out to be progressively essential.

One of the upsides of a grouped framework is that it has equipment and programming repetition.

That is on account of the bunch framework comprises of various autonomous hubs and every hub runs a duplicate of working framework and application programming.

High accessibility can be accomplished by recognizing hub or daemon disappointments and reconfiguring the framework properly so that the workload can be assumed control by the remaining hubs in the bunch.

Truth be told, high accessibility is a major field.

A progressed exceptionally accessible framework may have a dependable gathering correspondence sub-framework, participation administration, quoram sub-frameworks, simultaneous control sub-frameworks, etc. Basically, there must be a considerable measure of work to do.

Notwithstanding, we can utilize some current programming bundles to develop very accessible LVS bunch frameworks these days.

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