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What is Instant Messaging?

Instant messaging has become a very popular way of communicating in recent years. This is mainly due to the popularity of MSN, Skype Chat, Yahoo Chat, and others. This is a quick way to communicate over time zones and with many people at once.

What are the dangers of Instant Messaging?

Due to the ease of communication, it is also possible for non-loyal employees to be talking to competitors and reveal sensitive company secrets from within. Furthermore, it can be a time waster by letting employees talk to private contacts. But those instant messaging applications also give the user a possibility to send or receive files.
How can I prevent Instant Messaging?
With the SecPoint Protector's Anti-Instant Message module, you can block all Instant Message programs such as MSN, Yahoo Talk, Google Talk, Skype Chat, and many others. This will prevent the spread of such traffic over your network.
Simply put, the Anti-Instant Messaging module will give you full control over which instant messaging software can be granted permission to run from your networks, if any. Moreover, with the Instant Message Recording feature, you can monitor all the chat traffic on the network in real time and find any inappropriate communication.

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