What is Linux?

Linux is a name that originates from the kernel labeled as Linux and this was first written by Linus Torvalds in the year 1991.

It denotes a certain group of computer operating systems that has similarities with the Unix and it also utilizes what can be called as the Linux Kernel.

When talking about the improvement of Linux, it can be stated that this is the most outstanding among the many free as well as open source software collaborations.

In addition, all the core source codes may be generally utilized.

These codes may also be altered without restraint and these may possibly be redistributed both in the commercial and non-commercial agencies.

All of these things may be done by any individual who have the required license like that of the GNU general Public License.

An individual may choose from any of the following devices

to which he or she may install the Linux operating system.

The pieces of computer hardware include: video game consoles, tablet computers, mobile phones, supercomputers, and mainframes.

There are many reasons as to how Linux became popular and one of which is its use in the servers.

This is because most of the desktop computers nowadays make use of operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

But then, the use of Linux in desktops turns progressively trendier during the passing years.

This is in line with the growing reputation of the distribution of Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and openSUSE.

Linux also began to compete with the other operating systems due to the appearance of different devices such as smart phones and netbooks since these have an embedded Linux.