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What is Novell NetWare? 

Learn more about the history of NetWare.

Who still runs NetWare today? NetWare is another brand of operating system designed for networks or simply a local area network (LAN) operating system. 

And, this OS is a product of the popular IT-centered company Novell, Inc. This is a kind of software that may be used in various types of local area networks such as Ethernets and IBM token-ring networks.

A dependable interface may be expected by both users as well as programmers when using the NetWare. It does not rely much on the specific hardware, which is utilized in sending out messages.

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Novell’s NetWare was primarily dedicated for the installation

In both large and small LANs. But then Novel, Inc. decided to upgrade their product and they added some other features into the network OS NetWare.

The company’s chief purpose for improving the capacity of their product is to make it applicable for larger and diverse networks like the Internet.

This was first utilized in cooperative multitasking in order to operate other services found on a personal computer. And, the network protocols of this operating system were all patterned on the more standard stack Xerox Network Systems.

NetWare is a succession of the Novell’s Open Enterprise Server (OES) during the year 2005. And, the most recent edition of Novell’s NetWare is the v6.5 Support Pack 8 and this product is similar to the OES 2 SP1 NetWare Kernel.

NetWare became very well-known that it surpassed all the other network operating systems (NOSs) present in the market during the middle of the year 1980s and 1990s.

It was proven at that period of time that NetWare truly had an exceptionally high level of performance as compared to the other NOS being sold during those past years.

During the early existence of the Novell NetWare, its number one opponent was the Windows NT operating system, which is a product from the large technology company Microsoft Corporation.

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