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What is P2P Peer 2 Peer communication to download files?

A shared (or P2P) PC system is a system that depends fundamentally on the processing force and transmission capacity of the members in the system instead of amassing it in a generally low number of servers.

P2P systems are typically utilized for uniting hubs by means of generally specially appointed associations.

Such systems are helpful for some reasons.

Sharing substance documents containing sound, feature, information, or anything in advanced organization is extremely normal, and constant information, for example, telephony activity is additionally passed utilizing P2P innovation.

An unadulterated shared system does not have the thought of customers or servers, but rather just equivalent companion hubs that all the while work as both "customers" and "servers" to alternate hubs on the system.

This model of system game plan varies from the customer server model where correspondence is more often than not to and from a focal server. 

The problem with this is that most of the content is copyrighted and a financial claim can be raised for the downloaded and/or shared copyrighted materials.

In some countries, the ISP will even close down your online privileges, which can lead to a big loss for you company if you get a lawsuit or if you depend a lot on your Internet connection.

Furthermore, the downloading of high amounts of content can slow down your network, preventing legitimate traffic to pass.

How can P2P be prevented?

In most cases, corporations want to make use of P2P in their own network, but nowadays, it is hard to stop the misuse of the company’s resources when utilizing this feature because a lot of P2P applications use port 80.

This port is also used for web browsing, so it cannot be blocked by a firewall.

The SecPoint Protector's Anti-P2P functionality takes care for this problem and gives you the option to completely block those services and programs. 


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