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What is Penetration Test?

Protection of a network or a computer system is one of the most important aspects of this field.

And, a certain procedure is being carried out by experts in order to ensure a highly-secured environment for the systems and networks.

The security process is known to be as a penetration test or just simply the “pentest”.

Successfully Obtain Security

Penetration test aims at appraising the level of defense of a specific computer system or network.

The process includes an imitation of an assault that is supposedly coming from a malicious entity like the black hat, hacker, and cracker.

Additionally, the aim of this procedure is to successfully obtain a precise result of evaluation of the security.

A computer system is checked for any presence of security holes, which will eventually lead from deprived system to an inappropriately-configured system.

The test also includes scanning for any identified and unrecognizable vulnerabilities in both the hardware and the software.

Operational weaknesses in computer processes as well as the technical countermeasures are being acknowledged in the penetration testing.

Experts doing Penetration Test

The penetration testing appears as if it was performed by a vicious crook and it may entail abuse of any holes found in the protective mechanism of a system or network.

And, the security threats present in the computer system or network will be discussed with the owner once all are already detected.

The experts who performed the penetration testing are obliged to confer what have been found regarding the security. In most cases, the security specialists recommend methods on how these vulnerabilities may be lessened and any procedures that can solve the persisting problem.

The main objective for performing a penetration test is to identify the probability of occurrence of an assault against a system or network and to verify the gravity of impact with a successful attack.

In addition, the targets of this process are the computer systems utilized rather in an unfriendly environment or the site that faces the internet.

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