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What is search engine hacking? 

There is a certain type of attack that involves anonymous code injection and this online assault is not as complicated as the others that are recorded by security experts.

Even though it is considered plain, still, the attack is something that is cleverly-created.

The hack involves submission of a vulnerable application URL

To a search engine together with the attack payload and this will be passed while using GET parameters as basis.

It only takes a little time before the attack becomes all set and it will be ready right after the bot of the search engine attempts to file the entered URL.

There were written reports available stating various methods on how indexing may be done more quickly.

In this way, waiting period will be shortened to fewer weeks.

Hence, hackers will no longer have to wait for the said online attack to be activated.

During the previous years, the online community continued to give the spotlight to the popular large search engine Google.

However, it was an obvious fact that other search engines were also having similar situation as with the large company.

An example of this is MSN, which is the search engine of Microsoft. Based on the results of series of tests, similar figures were recorded for both MSN as well as Google.

The same numbers were seen after running the “inurl:cmd.gif” query, which is also regularly used to check Google.

This only proves that there is an equivalent chance for hackers to use either MSN or Google in officiating online attacks.

There are also other processes that may be used by online crooks in order to instigate their vicious activities.

Among the methods that is very much common tactic among hackers is the course of posting of an anonymous message either on a forum or on a blog.

There is also an image included within the message and the image URL is actually not an image but a URL that will direct a visitor to a defenseless website containing a payload.

Thus, once an online user reads the said message, the web browser will most likely generate request to the fake URL and the attack will ensue afterwards. 

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