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What is Social Engineering? 

There is nothing new about the prevalence of tricks and deceptions within the online community.

There are, in fact, hundreds of methods on how one individual can mislead another while doing transactions over the web.

And, one of the most commonly known forms of hoax that involves manipulation of innocent individuals is social engineering.

Social engineering works in such a way

That a vicious crook influences another person into doing malicious activities such as revealing sensitive data instead of wasting the effort of gaining illegal access into the system with the use of malicious technical cracking methods. Social engineering is simply considered as a sugarcoated-type of deception.

The main goal of the individuals who make use of social engineering

Is to collect private information as much as they want to.

However, this is still identical to the usual wicked schemes or confidence trick that occurs all over the web.

Those who utilize this form of trickery desire to commit fraud as well as to access the computer system of another person all at the same time.

More often than not, there is no actual contact happening between the one who initiated the attack and his or her victim.

Social engineering is more than just the ordinary deception since it involves what one can consider as “psychological manipulation”. This term was coined by a previously known hacker who eventually became a highly-paid consultant, Kevin Mitnick.

According to Mitnick, the label was primarily connected to the social sciences. However, it became a trendy word among different computer experts globally.

Thus, the said term became an accepted word of art in the world of computer technology. As what has been previously said, social engineering refers to the method of influencing another naive online user using a psychological tactic.

It was stated as such since social engineering works well with the use of normal human relations.

The attacker will try his best in order to obtain the trust of the other individual, who actually has the power to access a certain network.

Upon luring the victim into this dreadful trap he or she is directed by the criminal into gathering the required sensitive data, which will totally put the security of the network at risk.

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