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What is Spyware?

Spyware is malicious code that is installed into your system without your knowledge.
This typically occurs when you visit a website and your web browser is vulnerable to security holes that are exploited to install the spyware.
14% of all spyware contains malicious code like Trojan Horses and automatic dialers, and 19% of all websites contain some kind of spyware that infects your vulnerable web browser.
Furthermore, spyware can also be secretly included in shareware or freeware software that you install on your computer via the Internet or from CDs or DVDs. 

Everything from viruses, worms, and spyware—also known as malware—is an increasing problem for computer users everywhere.

In fact, research firm Computer Economics reports that losses related to malicious code in 2004 rose nearly 40% to over $17B worldwide.

What are the Dangers of Spyware?

Most of the systems in your network may already be infected with spyware and are sending sensitive information from within your network about your systems to malicious hosts on the Internet without your knowledge.

The information can be everything from your banking details to the websites you visit.

This allows the attackers to sell the information to third party advertisement companies or, in specific cases, abuse you’re banking details to cause a financial loss.

How is Spyware Prevented?

The SecPoint Protector anti-spyware filter is an intelligent filter that cleans all incoming and outgoing traffic for spyware.

This will prevent new installations of spyware and the sending out of sensitive information from within your network to arbitrary hosts on the web.

This also allows you to see all the systems on your network that are infected by spyware so that you can clean the systems one by one and they will not be infected again.

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