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What is the Mail Service Attack Microsoft Exchange Server?

Microsoft Corporation has never failed to offer unique products for the benefit of the many users both individual and groups.

However, security vulnerabilities will always pop up one after another just like in any other manufactured goods.

The technology giant Microsoft Corporation released its server side of the collaborative application client-server product and this is known to be none other than as the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Business Groups Infrastructure

The Exchange Server belongs to the collection of Microsoft Servers of the server products.

In addition, this technological good is utilized by the business groups, which are making use of the Microsoft infrastructure solutions in solving server-related problems.

Pieces of Information

Microsoft’s Exchange Server is loaded with many unique functions and these include calendaring, contacts, electronic mail, and some other tasks.

It also provides support for both mobile as well as web-based access to various data and it also offers aid for stocking up of pieces of information.

Attackers continue their pursuit as the products of the big companies advance through time.

The attackers also find ways so as to avoid the filters of the upgraded versions of the Exchange Server.

Evading the security tools of the server products allow the criminals to launch a seriously damaging assault against a system.

Non Delivery Report NDR

Mail service attacks are carried out by the vicious criminals in such a way that they make use of the transmission of non-delivery report or NDR, which is a function of the mail systems, at their own benefit.

The NDR is usually released when a particular message is not sent to the specified address and when the message comes back still packed with the original contents.

Watching out for this kind of assault will be a bit difficult since there are many different warning signs that can indicate its occurrence within the Microsoft Exchange Server Admin.

One of which is that when the outbound emails are not sent to its specified destination.

Originator of Mail Queue

The administrator of the server must also be cautious of the originator within the outbound queue.

Seeing the presence of “<>” below the originator will most likely tell that the message is a spam mail and that it has created a non-delivery report.

Hence, existence of about hundreds or thousands of these tells the admin that the exchange server is being attacked.

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