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What Is a Unified Threat Management or UTM?

Unified Threat Management is a comprehensive solution usually applied to software (and, in the SecPoint Protector's case, hardware) that offers combined services when it comes to Firewall, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention Mail Proxy, Web Proxy, Web Filtering, Antivirus, and Anti-Spam solutions. It is important to have an up-to-date security appliance with the latest technologies if you want to protect your entire network from the constant threats of spam, malware, and hackers. The network security industry came about with popularizing the UTM concept as a comprehensive IT security solution since around 2004. SecPoint is among the early adopters of the concept in appliance form, hence the creation of the SecPoint Protector.

Ever since it gained widespread currency

As a viable means of addressing the ever-present threats contained within the Information Superhighway, the idea of UTM software and hardware has served as a major network gateway defense solution of the best kind as far as organizations are concerned. To be sure, instead of having to deal with different security vendors, appliances, applications, and services, you can have everything you'll ever need from antivirus or viral "disinfection" to mail proxy intrusion prevention via IP whitelisting and blacklisting in one central hub of a firewall program or equipment. Essentially, a UTM hardware or software serves as your Swiss Army Knife of anti-malware and data leak prevention solutions.

You won't have to deal with incompatible antivirus apps or constantly updating different pieces of software for anti-adware, anti-spam, web proxy, and firewall services. It's also taxing to your computer's resources to have to install, reinstall, or uninstall programs just to keep your browser from being hijacked or your registry from being stealthily invaded every time. It's much more practical to have an appliance with its own memory, storage space, and CPU to contain and manage all those programs without ever compromising the integrity of your web server, computer workstation, or office-wide network. That's how powerful and dependable the SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance is.


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