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What is a Virus?

A virus is an application with the ability of multiplying itself, which can cause great danger and damage to files or other software on the same machine.

A true virus cannot infect another system without human intervention.

At any rate, the SecPoint Protector is a unique Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance that includes very strong anti-virus scanning of all incoming and outgoing mail traffic.

Virus & Trojans are often used in Network compromise attacks

Attackers can utilize a virus to penetrate a network and install malware and trojans on infected systems.

This will allow the attacker to take control of systems and use them in other attacks.

It is recommended to run Anti Virus on workstations and over a network

Always scan all physical media such as DVDs, CDs, USB Sticks, Flash Disks, External harddisks, Flash memory cards and any other device that can contain virus before connecting it to a production system.

This innovative SecPoint technology provides real-time bidirectional scanning for all protocols so only clear traffic can pass and the other traffic is blocked

Which Vendors are Included in the Protector and Why?

We here at SecPoint have chosen to work with the award-winning anti-virus vendor as our number one Anti-Virus Scanning Engine.

Anti-virus application is a multiple-award-winning software suite that has proven itself over and over again in delivering the fastest anti-virus database definitions.

Expert staff will monitor the present virus situation around the world for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

This ensures a rapid response to new viruses.

A dedicated team of linguists releases updates to the signature database every 3 hours.

We are also using ClamAV as a complementary anti-virus scanning engine.

ClamAV is a strong open source anti-virus vendor that has been proven in some cases to catch viruses that commercial anti-virus vendors fail to register.

The Protector even has the option to add a third vendor to gain more and more anti-virus checking protection.

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