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What is VoIP?

VoIP is a way of making a telephone call over the Internet at much lower cost than via a normal landline or mobile cellphone. There are different standards such as the official VoIP standard and other proprietary standards that are for example being applied in Skype. Programs like Skype have helped increase the big popularity of VoIP over the Internet.
What are the dangers of VoIP?
In some cases, VoIP traffic can be encrypted such as with Skype, so it is therefore not possible to monitor the calls or control who is being called or who is calling. Some of the services also allows for online sending of files or quick chatting with other users. This can be a risk since employees can leak sensitive company information from within.
Also, VoIP programs support file transfer, so people can send unknown files to your network without using a mail server. This is a security risk, but with the Anti-VoIP module. you will gain full control over which VoIP systems are allowed in your network.

Limit VoIP with Content Filter

On the Protector Firewall you can block VoIP traffic and only allow trusted communication on your network.

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