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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Due to the fact that SecPoint monitors a wide range of networks in the financial, governmental, and private sectors, we have an extensive professional experience of the different real world attacks presently being performed throughout the globe. We then make use of this knowledge to extend and improve our attack block database.

What is Network Vulnerability Assessment?

All IP addresses are analyzed and detailed recommendations for the identified vulnerabilities are given.
When changes occur or new discoveries are identified, then the user will be notified by email.

Vulnerability Scanner - Vulnerability Management 

How Often Should a Network Vulnerability Assessment Be Initiated?

There is a high amount of new vulnerabilities—such as human configuration errors and other changes in the network structure due to expansion at most customer locations—are discovered on a daily basis.

It is recommended for you to perform a network vulnerability assessment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure that you are being scanned for the latest threats and alerted immediately when you are at risk. 

With the Penetrator and Portable Penetrator, you can perform a vulnerability assessment on your system and find the bugs and security holes in it before the attackers do!

Vulnerability Scanner

Understanding Vulnerability Assessment

However, to achieve a comprehensive report on vulnerability testing, the combination of both procedures is recommended.
In this article the focus would be on understanding the concept and basics of vulnerability assessment along with a comparative analysis of both testing techniques.

How to use Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is very important for the survival and security of organizations.

It is a process which must be adopted at regular intervals by every business or commercial entity to protect its system from potential threats such as hackers. This process is usually deemed indispensable at workplaces where information technology is dominantly employed for running the system and storing databases.

Employer’s first priority is to protect their data and information from falling into wrong hands.

This is why it is important that a comprehensive vulnerability assessment procedure is conducted. 


Vulnerability Assessment Procedure


Difference between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment:

Vulnerability assessment is like a tool used for discovering the prevailing weaknesses in a system.
However, this tool cannot differentiate between the flaws which are exploitable and those which are not.
This means, that vulnerability assessment can only detect or identify the flaws but cannot inform about which of them can be exploited by hackers.  
Exclusive vulnerability scanners are used for making this identification.
These scanners alert organizations regarding the preexisting flaws within the system codes and determine their location. 
Penetration testing, conversely, attempts to exploit the threats and vulnerabilities of a system for determining if any sort of unauthorized entry is possible or not.
It checks the system for probable malicious activity and manages to identify salient flaws that pose threat to the security of an application. 
The difference between both processes is that penetration testing, unlike vulnerability assessment, can determine which threat is exploitable and which isn’t.
Moreover, penetration testing is powerful enough to measure the severity of an exploitable threat and the extent to which it can harm the system/application.
Therefore, companies conduct penetration testing after the process of vulnerability assessment for understanding how severe and damaging a threat/flaw can be for the system if a real attack is made. 
Vulnerability assessment when gets combined with penetration testing can provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of the issues and threats that exist in a system and the potential risks associated. 

Advantages of Vulnerability Assessment

The benefits that it entails for the organization are various and wide-ranged such as it makes it stronger and secure.
This procedure helps an organization in identifying its assets and the real-risk that exist.
Furthermore, it is an extensive network of procedures which also guides the management towards the appropriate risk mitigation plan.
It ensures protection of assets and reduction in liability.
Lastly, and most importantly, it ensures that the entire system is protected from outside threats and the administration enjoys peace of mind. 


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