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What is a Zero Day Vulnerability?

The new Zero Day Initiative in SecPoint Protectors has become the key component in your network defense system.
SecPoint offers Zero Day Protection in the Unified Threat Management Protector appliance, preventing new and unknown attacks.

What is a Zero Day attack?

Zero Day vulnerabilities are unknown or new attacks for vulnerabilities wherein no patch has yet been released.

It is a well-known term in the black hat (malicious hacker) community. Trading for Zero Day vulnerabilities is also a popular hacker activity.

When you have Zero Day Protection you are protected against unknown and new vulnerabilities.

This also helps you close the window of waiting time for patches and fixes. In contrast, signature-only products tend to rely on the vulnerability database more.

Several special techniques are applied in order to protect your system from Zero Day attacks:


Zero Day Protection is Part of the UTM features of the Protector

The continuous bidirectional structural engineering of the Protector consolidates key security capacities that have the capacity to guard against a wide range of assaults and secure against variations even before they get to be known. Some of these abilities include:

Convention inconsistency discovery pieces vindictive activity that does not comply with set up convention guidelines.

Example coordinating banners and evacuation of high-hazard documents, for example, .exe and scripting records, infections, spyware, and trojans from the framework by completely reviewing the whole bundle.

Conduct investigation recognizes and prevents movement from hosts showing suspicious practices, including DoS and DDoS assaults, port sweeps, and location examines.

The Attack Window

From the time a new vulnerability is identified and until a patch is created, there is a period when your systems are at risk. It is therefore important to implement different techniques to protect against Zero Day exploits during this critical moment.

Even a few minutes without Zero Day protection can become a huge security risk.

Sometimes it can take the vendor hours, days, or even weeks to create a patch.

In some cases, the patch will not work correctly and the system would still be subject to attack.

Black Market Trading for Zero Days

There is a large black market where malicious attackers can buy zero day exploits for popular applications that most users are running.

It is recommended to follow the latest IT security news and if there is new zero day vulnerabilities being exposed to patch your systems as fast as possible.

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