Which Mail Servers are the Protector Firewall Compatible with?

Protector UTM Security VPN Appliance is compatible with most mail servers.

It works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus notes, Linux Sendmail, Qmail, and many more.

The Protector runs infront of the mail server where it will sent clean mail to the mail server behind for example Microsoft exchange.

You can see right away that it is working

When you are seeing mails coming in and going out.

The Protector scans both incoming, outgoing mails for virus, spam, phishing and dangerous content.

Due to the large harddrive it can also store them for security backup.

Then you can be sure your mail traffic is secure.

Protecting your Mail server from DoS attacks

Often mail servers can be under heavy Denial of Service DoS flooding attacks by remote black hat hackers attempting to crash a mail server.

By having the UTM Firewall in front of your network all attacks will arrive on the firewall instead of your mail server behind it.

This can free up as much as 90% of resources on your mail server.

Set policy to only allow mails to valid users via Active Directory. Block attacks to non existing users.

Apply grey listing to block spam and attacks from zombie computers.

The user friendly GUI interface allows for fast and easy setup supplied with HD videos.

Easily deploy the firewall to protect

Your entire perimeter to your network.

Easily you can sync with Microsoft Active Directory LDAP and get the same users that are already in the database for the individual mail quarantine.

It can work with any Microsoft, Linux, Cloud service such as gmail without any issue.