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Why Use a Network Security Scanner?

Here are the top reasons why you should use a network security scanner to bolster and double-check the safety measures you've implemented when it comes to safeguarding yourself from virtual villains and online outlaws. Every information technology admin does their best to utilize the best security barricades and safety procedures out there to safeguard and protect a corporate network from the evil hands of hackers everywhere.

The Internet serves as a blessing and a curse with its ability to make the world smaller, because it has also made it easier for crackers to penetrate through websites that are, by nature, supposed to be fully accessible to the public. 

Website Security Scanning

In this regard, the network security scanner is undoubtedly a must-have for any website.

The scanner serves as a passive version of the pen test or penetration test wherein actually hacking takes place.

Both types of software assist webmasters in identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a given network while also reducing testing workload for web administrators thanks to how they automate the whole security checking process, with network security scanning checking for possible vulnerabilities and pen testing demonstrating how those vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to compromise a system just short of hacking them altogether.

In that regard, the network scanner is more passive with its job.

Discover latest vulnerabilities

Certain elements can affect security in present-day corporate online networks, and no information technology department of a company should ever put their guard down when it comes to the potential risk and hazards they face from an easy-to-access and public medium like the Internet.

Complacency equals exposure and even website death in the hands of hacker malefactors who only want to see the Worldwide Web burn, so to speak.

The consequences of failing are too great to not invest in proper network security scanners.

The best ones include regular updates on the latest reported vulnerabilities so that it could serve as your early-warning system on any and all possible exploits without going to security sites and blogs.

Cloud Security Scanning

The features that network admins must look for when it comes to quality network security scanners that are worth their salt include universal compatibility to most of the popular systems, such that you don't need to exclusively own a Mac or PC as well as avail of a certain server brand in order for it to work.

Whether the environment is virtualized (in the cloud) or physical shouldn't matter to the scanner either.

Patch management should be the primary focus of the scanner, such that it's always on top of things when it comes to patch and bug fix updates.Cloud Web Security Scanner.

 Vulnerability Scanner - Vulnerability Management 

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