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WiFi passwords are at risk of being hacked each and every day you go onto the internet.

Passwords are vulnerable and without proper security, you are risking all of your personal data to be for someone else’s taking.

Attackers break into your passwords using a lot of different methods.

From using software that guesses many different passwords a second, to decrypting a website and finding a hole or security leak.

Your password is not as safe as you once thought it was and there are countless FBI articles out there that confirm this.

WiFi Breaker software to secure your WiFi Access Point

WiFi breaker exists to help you recover your password if it ever is stolen or changed.

You need every defense possible from the many ways hackers can steal your password, and WiFi breaker will help keep you above the attackers.

WiFi in general is already vulnerable, with every website being another potential for an attack.

Hackers put Trojans and other viruses inside emails and instant messages in hopes that you will open and interact with it.

Once you do, you have now allowed someone else access to your entire computer, including your password(s).

WiFi breaker will not remove every virus on your computer, but it will give you your peace of mind back with your password.

Your password is your first, and sometimes last, defense for every program and folder.

Keep this protected and you will never have anything to worry about.

Blackhat Hackers can abused Hacked WiFi Access Points

Once hackers have compromised a WiFi Access Point with WiFi Breaker Software they can use the Access Point to launch attacks from.

Blackhat Hackers often hacks WiFi Access Points using WiFi Breaker software in order to cover their tracks when hacking other places.

They find easily hackable WiFi Access points and cracks them.

Once they have full access they can carry out more dangerous operations.

Such as launching DDoS attacks, Launching hacker attacks, Download illegal copyright materials such as movies or porn.

Then the owner of the WiFi access point might get in trouble in the end for the blackhat hackers doings.

The WiFi access point owner might not even be aware what is being carried out from their WiFi access Point but they might be liable.

Easily install WiFi Breaker Software on your laptop

The Professional WiFi Breaker Software is perfect to install on your laptop running Windows 7 / 10 or Mac OS X.

The mobility of using a laptop can allow for navigating around the location and discover the vulnerable WiFi Networks.

The Powerful High Powered WiFi USB adapter installs automatically on the laptop WiFi Breaker Software.

Once it is installed and ready it can be used to audit the security levels of WEP WPA WPA2 or WPS encrypted WiFi Networks.

Learn more about the benefits of the High end WiFi Breaker Software here.

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