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Can the Portable Penetrator Be Used as a WiFi Decoder?

In regards to whether or not the SecPoint Portable Penetrator can be used as a Wi-Fi Decoder (a device used to gather the nearest Wi-Fi networks around while also being able to decode their encryption so that you can use them at your behest even without knowing their password), then yes, it can.

The Portable Penetrator can double as a Wi-Fi Decoder that's capable of decoding WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi networks.

This will enable you to audit your own network while also helping out other networks in bolstering their Wi-Fi encryption.

Wi-Fi Decoders are typically used by hackers or people without their own Internet connection as a means of leeching off the paid ISP services of others.

Having a Wi-Fi Decoder in the form of the Portable Penetrator is quite handy in case your Internet is down and you wish to find the nearest Wi-Fi networks around that you can access for free without having to move from one hotspot to another.

In turn, in light of the decoding capabilities of the pen testing appliance, you can find out if your own network has already been compromised so that you can easily secure and protect it.

Take note that the Portable Penetrator is also capable of Vulnerability Scanning, usage of real exploits for penetration testing purposes, and WPS Pin Code Recovery.

It can even strengthen Wi-Fi signals all around your neighborhood or building.

The best way to protect yourself from hackers is to think like a hacker.

The Portable Penetrator is like an automated version of the scripts hackers typically create and use for their nefarious purposes, except this time around the appliance is mainly utilized for white hat hacker protection and research purposes.

This version of the world-renowned Penetrator brand designed to ensure the strength of portable device security has a high Wi-Fi frequency range, data transfer rate, and support for all common operating systems (from Windows10  to Linux to Mac OSX).

Indeed, the Portable Penetrator is the complete package when it comes to double-checking the integrity of your security system. 

Intro to a WiFi Decoder


WiFi decoder is an application that assists in inspection of the security of Wi-Fi and to recover passkeys from other Wi-Fi networks.

Decoder software should be used for owned Wi-Fi networks, legally.

The application procedure is very easy.

Just by selecting refresh icon at the bottom right corner of the display, we can be able to retrieve the information of all the networks that are close.

We can choose a network once we have the availability list. It is not advised to select unacquainted networks as its owner may end up on checking their security and can be evaluated as a crime.

best WiFi Decoder software


A WiFi decoder is used to acquire keys to access nearby password protected WiFi routers and modems.

A quite usual and legitimate question frequently asked is that how can a Wi-Fi Decoder find the passkey of a protected WiFi connection? The simplest and easiest answer to this question is that every packet directed via wireless on a WiFi network contains the passkey for verification.

A Wi-Fi decoder captures, analyzes, decodes and reveals the password when the collected information is enough.

It uses different calculation algorithms to undertake these operations.

The complication encountered to get passwords is simplified by this software. It works on all types of OS including Windows 10 7, XP, Vista, Linux or Mac.

It is a public popular app to unlock the surrounding networks and surf the web at will.


The installation is fast and simple.

Install the application to see the available list of WiFi network connections within range which does not take a long time.

It displays the networks that are vulnerable and that are not unlocked to connect.

It is easy to get and copy the access passwords to the clipboard.

It helps in the connectivity to locked networks.

By its user-based and clean interface, it provides access to all wireless networks available in the environment.

The duration to explore for networks depends on the accessibility and availability of networks.

It is very simple to manage once the network is found.

The security check and passkey can be changed for secure connection.

The decoder has abundant compatibility and backs a great range of web devices. WiFi decoder has practical effectiveness to network connections.

It is useful, reliable and usually found to be free but one should be careful in its usage.

The following are some of the tested compatible devices:

 WLAN, InfostradaWiFi, Thomson, Orange,  InterCable, Big Pond, Otenet, O2Wireless, YaCom, SKY, TECOM-AH4021, Mega Red, JAZZTEL, INFINITUM, DLink, CYTA, Eircom and Blink, Speed Touch, Also effected TECOM-AH4222, Bbox, Privat, DMAX, Discu.


It has been created for assessment of the security of one’s own wireless network.

Many use this for illegitimate purposes.

It is our own obligation to download the application and make genuine use of its features.

If you are using the Wi-Fi Decoder on your personal connection or connections that are unencrypted then there certainly are no legal issues at all.

As far as we know there are no decrees prohibiting the sharing of an encoded Wi-Fi connection but, to be extra pre-cautious, you should check it out for your country first.

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