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WiFi Pen Test 

There are many dependable ways for you to inspect the integrity, security, and reliability of your WiFi connection, but few could ever match the instantaneous examination and reporting that the WiFi penetration test (otherwise known as the WiFi pen test) provides.

As a preventive measure that ensures application and network safety while connected through your WiFi connection, a pen test is second to none, and it even offers a way to preemptively protect your machine from possible attacks by reporting all known and unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities on a given system Windows 10 WiFi Pentest software.

Hackers regularly strive to gain unauthorized access

Into WiFi networks so that they can pilfer important data like trade or corporate secrets, customer profiles, financial credentials, and banking information.

Hacking into WiFi systems will also enable an attacker to perpetrate the crime of identity theft.

The above mentioned are the major reasons why every business should setup pen tests in order to alleviate or outright remove the chances of getting your important information stolen right under your nose. With that said, a pen test analysis should be done from the point of view of the hacker, such that each and every last bug, vulnerability, or security hole is examined for potential exploitation.

Afterwards, any possible problems that could occur will be listed and submitted to the administrator or network owner in the form of a report that outlines the potential impact of these issues.

A recommendation or solution is also offered, although daily program updates must be acquired in order to best handle zero-day threats that have not been patched or fixed yet by the software developers.

The pen test's foremost objective in identifying security holes and coding flaws within programs and wireless networks is to prevent instances of malicious hacking from ever happening.

There are some online outlaws who exploit the weaknesses of your network in order to steal some free Internet time at your expense.

On the other hand, hardened cyber criminals and virtual villains who are willing to cross the line twice have more diabolical plans in mind when it comes to invading your exposed wireless connection. 

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