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Lower your WiFi Signal strength for security

Decrease your WiFi Security Signal on your router access point.

Make it harder for attackers to even reach your WiFi

Lower signal strength network for cracking it.

Make the signal only reach inside of your building and not outside to the parking lot.

This will force attackers to get closer to the building and can easily be spotted.

Or they might simple not spot your network at all and not be able to attack you or will attack another network with a stronger signal.

Hackers might choose more easy accessible networks with higher signal.

The key is to make it very difficult for attackers to choose your WiFi network this way they will go for more easy networks.

MITM attacks can trick the user

Hackers can trick users to connect to rogue access points via man in the middle attacks.

For that it is recommended when you are on WiFi to always use a secure encrypted VPN to prevent third party snooping on your data.

Always recommended to set a High WPA2 key with many characters.

And always utilize the WiFi Access point in a non critical location on your network.

WPA WPA2 might be vulnerable to full compromise

So even if WPA2 is suddenly vulnerable in the future and hackers break your WiFi access point they only get to a contained zone.

And wont be able to access your internal networks to do more damage.

Hackers are good at finding new creative ways to break WiFi and it is better to minimize the risks instead of being vulnerable to attack.

Always prepare for the worst case scenario in regards to IT Security matters.



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